5 Best CFA Exam Prep Courses for Beginners & Experts


The CFA exam material is hard to choose because there is a vast study material available. We are going to introduce to you the best CFA exam preparation courses that will help you to become a successful chartered account. The students usually spend many hours to find suitable study material for them. The courses that we have mentioned below are accessible and can fit all kinds of students. After reading the reviews, you can analyze which course fits your needs best.

1. Ethics Review for CFA® Level 1 (2021) (Ratings 4.6)

The course has crafted a complete series of 10 courses that will cover all ten topics of the CFA® curriculum. The course will not be about superficial summaries and will have a detailed syllabus for each item. The videos available in the course are short to help you follow the Pareto Principle. If you put your effort into taking this course, you can achieve good scores in the exam.

You will get the pertinent material directly from the curriculum, which is easily understood. Each chapter is crafted to explain the complex concepts, and the use of engaging illustrations and animations makes the learning easy.

It will guide you to the real CFA exam questions and exercises and make you more proficient and skillful. The CFA curriculum is too lengthy, so this course helps highlight the essential guidelines and save a lot of your precious time. The course contains a series of 10 courses, and almost all CFA topics are covered in this course. All the courses are covered in detail, and you will be able to gain extensive knowledge.

2. Exam Prep: CFA® Level 1 Bootcamp 2021 Curriculum (Ratings 4.6)

The CFA level 1 Bootcamp 2020 curriculum has an extensive question bank. It gives you 3000 questions, and their detailed explanation is provided for students. The question generator will help you work on the items you need to practice the most. CPA qualification holders prepare the questions, and they have created many customizable practice tests too. You can check your performance on the criteria and work on the weak areas. The advanced course analytics will give you detailed feedback on your performance and give out ways to make it better. The exam preparation for the level 1 CFA course offers 54 hours of live online classes. You also have the option to take intense courses, which includes 100 hours of courses.

The course will help you to prepare for the CFA® Level 1 exam successfully.  If you are looking to get a job in one of the most prestigious designations in finance and investment management, this course will help you achieve that.  You will gain an understanding of principal business and finance disciplines will be taught in detail. The topics in the course include Study Ethics, Quantitative Methods (Statistics and Probability), Corporate Finance, Economics, and Alternative Investments. You will learn the time value of money, discounted cash flow applications, statistical concepts and market returns, probability, and probability distributions.

3. CFA® Level 1 (2021) – Complete Fixed Income (Rating 4.5)

The course will teach you the elements that define and characterize fixed-income securities. You might not know what to look out for when investing in a bond. This course will help you with that. You will get a complete understanding of the legal, regulatory, and tax framework bonds operation system.  The various coupon payment types will also be explained in the course.  An overview of global fixed income markets will be provided in the class.

The bonds that are issued in primary markets, and traded in secondary markets will be explained briefly. The video lectures are short and give extensive knowledge about CFA level 1. You can learn and retain the information and study material with efficiency. The course is the best guide to your preparation for the CFA exam and will provide you with sufficient information. The course software and videos can be downloaded fast and quick.

4. CFA Level 1 (2021) Portfolio Management + Practice Questions (Ratings 4.4)

The course will let you examine the government, corporate, and structured finance bond market sectors quickly. You will be able to make the essential bond valuations quickly. The Calculation of bonds and assets and quote bond prices and yields are made easy.  You will understand what return spread in an easy to follow format is. What is securitization, and its benefits will also have a focus on this issue?

The course dashboard has many live features that help to make this course helpful for students. The course has easy to understand CFA material and provides an efficient and stress-free study experience. The video lectures can also be accessed through YouTube playlists and can help you to learn the CFA level 1.

Learn about the CFA exam structure and get Updated educational content matching the industry level. Get 56 plus practice questions and exercises. Master the CFA level 1 portfolio management. Downloadable videos and PowerPoint slides.

5. Financial Management A Complete Study for CA/CMA/CS/CFA/ACCA (Ratings 4.3)

This course will explain all of the essential concepts from the CFA Level I Portfolio Management chapter. This will be explained in detail and include many questions examples that you have been looking for. This course also comes with 56 Portfolio Management practice questions in PDF format that are taken from the AnalystPrep’s mock exams. The answers file comes with detailed explanations and the referring LOS. You will be able to learn from the #1 is rated CFA & FRM preparation institutions that are AnalystPrep.

There is also proper information about fund flow analysis and capital structuring decisions. You can understand and see the practical side of financial management and its courses. There are many case studies you will have to solve, which will give you a possible experience. When the students are approaching complex topics through the case studies designed especially by this course, they can get the best results. If the basic principles of financial management are ignored, you can never excel in the CFA course. You will get a basic understanding of capital structure decisions and theories. You will learn how to analyze and calculate the cost of capital (WACC and marginal).

How can CFA exam prep courses help in your career development?

When you have CFA exam prep courses, the career options will become wide. Getting basic knowledge about financial management is a necessity for entrepreneurs and finance managers. If you ignore all the basic rules, the situation can be disastrous to deal with. You can become one of the best industry professionals and earn the right amount of money. The students who have completed this course can become research or finance analyst. Being a finance accountant and auditor will be another right choice, and you can earn good money. There are many credit analysts and portfolio managers in the finance industry, and you can choose to become one of these. Without professionals, the finance industry cannot survive. You can achieve a high position within a renowned sector or company, but make sure you are interested in pursuing one of these positions.

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