5 Best FRM Preparation Courses Online


The FRM certifications and courses are gaining popularity for the last few years because the courses are beneficial if you are planning to work for the financial sector. The global market place is risky and challenging, and you need to have sufficient knowledge about it if you want to be a successful employee. The FRM certifications will allow you to manage the risk management factor and will give you a strong understanding of it. The FRM preparations courses will help you to pass the FRM certification efficiently with a good score will describe the five best FRM preparations courses that could help you get a hold of your professional career.

1. MidhaFin FRM Part 1 Sample Material (Rating 4.6)

The course has the sample material for FRM Part 1.It includes the various topics that will cover the FRM. You will learn the Probability Concepts and swaps. The Quantifying Volatility in VaR Models is adequately explained. The Binomial Trees of the data provided and all the analysis regarding the structure. The Options Greeks in the FRM projects are discussed. The PDFs for all topics are available in the resources section. Learn about the QTA 1 – Fundamentals of Probability and the34:12.

General Probability Algebra is also taught in a well-organized way.  The Conditional probability and Conditional independence of FRM are provided in detail. The course will provide you with all the syllabus of FRM exams. The study material will be beneficial if you want to take the FRM exam. The study material is based on the GARP readings and can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. The study material is easy and straightforward to read, and even if you are a complete beginner, you won’t find it challenging to understand the content.

2. FRM Part I Exam: Quantitative Analysis

In this course, Prof. James Forgan, Ph.D., has summarized each chapter from the Quantitative Analysis book and will be able to learn or review all of the essential concepts for your FRM part 1 exam.  The Fundamentals of Probability chapter will explain the basics of FRM and the Random Variables. The Common Univariate Random Variables are also a bonus.  The other section includes Multivariate Random Variables, Sample Moments, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Regression, and Regression with Multiple Explanatory Variables.

The Financial risk management part 1 exam is designed for people who have been certified and passed the first level of FRM. The course has been officially issuing by GARP, and the review has two levels to pass. To pass level 1 and level 2, you will be required to have complete knowledge about the FRM, and this course will enable you to acquire that knowledge. Learn the basic statistics of FRM.

3. esFRM Part 1 – Book 3 – Financial Markets and Products (2/2) (Rating 4.3)

In this course, Professor James Forgan will teach you the last 11 chapters of the financial markets and product book. The course will help you learn all the essential aspects of the FRM exam part 1. The course will give you information regarding the financial markets that refer broadly to any marketplace where the trading of securities occurs. The course includes knowledge about the stock market, bond market, forex market, and derivatives market. Get extensive experience in the financial markets that are vital to the smooth operation of capitalist economies. The course will let you have information stock on all types of financial markets. Financial markets are made by buying and selling numerous classes of financial instruments, including equities, bonds, currencies, and derivatives. Learn more about:

  • Options Markets
  • Properties of Options
  • Trading Strategies
  • Exotic Options
  • Properties of Interest Rates
  • Commodity Forwards and Futures
  • Exchanges, OTC Derivatives, DPCs, and SPVs
  • Basic Principles of Central Clearing
  • Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Corporate Bonds

4. FRM Part 1 – Book 4 – Valuation and Risk Models (Part 1/2) (Ratings 4.2)

The course will explain how asset return distributions tend to deviate from the normal distribution. It will be easy to distinguish between conditional and unconditional distribution. The class describes the process of regime-switching on quantifying volatility.

You will get to know the various approaches for estimating VaR and you will be able to compare and contrast different parametric and non-parametric approaches for estimating conditional volatility.

It will be easy to calculate conditional volatility using parametric and non-parametric and explain the process of return aggregation. Professor James Forgan, Ph.D., has designed the course. He has collected and summarized a total of nine chapters from Valuation and Risk Model books for students’ convenience. You can learn, understand, analyze, and review the essential concepts of FRM and take part 1 exam.  Students can learn about binomial trees. You will understand Greek letters. The proper learning of price, discounts, factors, and par rates. Get to know about returns, spreads, and yields.

5. FRM Part I Practice Test: Quantitative Analysis (Ratings 4.0)

In this course on the FRM part I certification, you will get various tests to practice and it will be easy to be familiar with the FRM exam format. This course will focus on the FRM part I – Quantitative Analysis section. The course includes practice tests and will have detailed answers. Get to know why the answer is correct and also get the necessary references, so you could understand your mistake. The course will let you acknowledge what is your area of weakness and where you need to study more for the exam.FRM part 1 practice test will help the students have tons of mock tests so they can be prepared for the actual exams. When they are familiar with the format of the FRM exam, they can score a lot better.

The course will focus on the FRM part 1, which features quantitative analysis. The practice tests are prepared on a broader scale. The students will not only have a basic understanding of this course. They will learn how to answer the questions or why one answer is correct. It will have all the necessary references, and you can modify it if you make a mistake. You can score very well when you learn about your weak area and work on rectifying it. If you don’t understand a question, you can comment on the Q and A section and will get instant replies.

How can FRM preparation courses help in your career development?

The FRM courses are detailed and help the students understand quantitative analysis in a much better way. The aspiring students can learn about financial risk management roles. However, this solid background and understanding can open up many doors for many career options. You can become a financial risk analyst or take up manager type roles. You can become an investment banker and manage these risks, which will become a part of your life. You can handle capital market transactions and leverage finance. You can also become a wealth manager or a private banker. These courses will benefit you in the long run if you are interested in trading.  If you are still not interested in all these career types you can choose to become an asset manager or manage retail loan portfolios.

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