5 Best MCAT Prep Courses & Classes Online


If you want to become a professional and skilled doctor, then the MCAT course can pave the right direction. Finding the right MCAT prep course can be a challenging task. Taking appropriate courses for MCAT is one of the most critical steps to becoming a Doctor.

You’ll be spending hours studying, so it is essential to find the course that will enhance your learning skills. The following courses will surely help you to pass the MCAT exam on the first attempt.

1. MCAT Organic Chemistry (Ratings 5.0)

MCAT Organic Chemistry course is very comprehensive. It revolves around five topics, and each topic is covered with accuracy and precision. The first topic is structure and stability, which will provide essential knowledge of chemistry. It includes resonance, ring strain, induction, and unfavorable interactions due. You will not only learn about amino acids but also the structure of the side chains, the pKa of the side chain, the one-letter code, and the three-letter code for each amino acid.

Separations and Purifications are other topics that cover the experiments in labs. It involves separating and purifying compounds. You will master many of these commons techniques such as thin-layer chromatography, distillation, and liquid-liquid extraction. You will also learn more advanced techniques, including column chromatography, gas chromatography, and high-performance liquid chromatography.

You will also learn about NMR spectroscopy, UV/VIS, and infrared spectroscopy. Carbonyl Chemistry is one of the most important functional groups in biology. Students will learn numerous biochemical reactions in the body, while carbonyl useful group reactions will also be discussed. Students will also learn nucleophilic addition reactions and solutions adopted for it. The price of the course is only $18.99, and its duration is 40 hours.

2. Medical Neuroscience (Ratings 4.9)

This Medical Neuroscience course provides students with the foundation for understanding the impairments of sensation, action, and cognition that cause injury, disease, or dysfunction in the central nervous system. The course will build basic knowledge that can be acquired through studies of cell and molecular biology.

It includes the most first-year neuroscience courses that are offered in schools of medicine. It also covers other topics like biological psychiatry. The review questions included in the course are provided in the Duke University School of Medicine on campus. This course presents high-quality learning material, including engaging video content of 5 hours. The best thing about this Medical Neuroscience course is that you can take it for free.

3. Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics (Ratings 4.8)

Understanding Clinical Research helps students in understanding statistical analysis and their results. If you have a keen interest in understanding the published literature or if you are going to conduct your medical research, then this course is your first step. The students will get an easy entry into interpreting common statistical concepts.

This course is one of the best MCAT courses for students currently. You don’t have to get involved in sophisticated methods to understand the mathematical formulae. The students get to interpret and understand the medical concepts to start their journey into the world of clinical medicine. The course is free, and you can enroll without paying any fees. After the course, you will be offered the option of purchasing a certificate of completion. If you complete the course requirements, you will be able to get the desired MCAT exam score.

4. MCAT Biology (Rating 4.4)

The MCAT Biology covers all the details regarding the Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems. These topics are subdivided into three foundational concepts, which include psychological, social, and biological foundations. You will understand the structure and function of bio-molecular activities. Also, the structure and function of proteins and their constituent amino acids will be covered. The students will learn all the processes that increase the genetic diversity and principles of bioenergetics and fuel molecule metabolism.

In this course, the interaction of highly-organized molecules, cells, and organs that carry out the functions of living organisms will be discussed. The structure, growth, physiology, and genetics of prokaryotes and viruses will also be discussed in a significant way. The aspiring students can also learn the processes of cell division and how they are organized inside the body.

This course also covers the basic knowledge of the integrated functioning of tissues and organs inside a human body and the external environments of a multicellular organism. Moreover, you will gain tips to maintain a stable internal environment as it is ever-changing and difficult to handle. The price of the course is $15.8.

5. Crack Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) – 2020 (Ratings 4.2)

This MCAT course not only measures your content knowledge in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology but also helps you to analyze your capabilities and reasoning skills.

The course will provide you with an understanding of prior content before you take the MCAT exam. It will enhance the students’ reasoning skills and reward them with an ability to master the test content. The students will know how to interpret and solve complex problems.

The pattern of the course is similar to how you’ll encounter these subjects in a medical school. It will provide the students with 59 questions on the Bio/Biochem section of the MCAT and other discrete questions. The rest of the review questions contain passages that are possibly going to be in the exam.

How can the MCAT courses help you in career development?

If you want to get into a top medical school, the MCAT courses will help you out. It is an examination that you must take before start applying to prominent medical schools. The score you achieve here will help the school analyze your ability. With the help of these courses, you can either become a doctor or nurse at a large and prestigious hospital. You can also become a part of various medical groups and even volunteer for different researches that take place internationally. It will not only broaden your skills but help serve the patients in a much better way. A good score on MCAT will take your career to a new level.

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