5 Best PSAT Prep Courses & Classes Online


The PSAT might not be useful for your college admissions applications, but it is a great test if you are looking to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. The students who score high on the PSAT test have a higher chance to win the scholarship money. PSAT is a useful test that can help you to practice for the SAT and ACT.

1. API Development on Google Cloud’s Apigee API Platform (Ratings 4.6)

This course will give the students an in-depth analysis of API development on the Apigee API Platform. You will be able to learn about how to track down your approach towards your API development. It also helps to ensure that you are aware of the various tools and different policies that are available within Apigee Edge. These policies assist you with the implementation of API development.

The students will also get many lab exercises. These lab exercises consist of instructions that will help you master your own Apigee free environment. The students will also develop a basic API from scratch to help them with the major sections of the PSAT test. When the course is about to end, you’ll have a complete understanding of API development. The supplemental materials will be provided in detail to you. You are allowed to review/reference the data offline as well.

2. Blockchain Platforms (Ratings 4.6)

The fourth course of the Blockchain specialization will offer all the learners an understanding of the broader blockchain ecosystem. You will be introduced to all the essential Blockchain platforms. Through this course, you will be able to analyze the details of two decentralized application use and different cases. Learning about the challenges such as privacy and scalability will become easy. The course is prepared in such a way to make you learn about Blockchain architectures of the hyper ledger and Microsoft Azure’s Blockchain. It is a service model, and you will also get perfect knowledge about the Augur and Grid+ decentralized application and its platforms.

The content of this course revolves around emerging alternative decentralization models. The essential models like IPFS and Hashgraph are in broader Blockchain adoption, and you will learn the necessary and continuous improvement solutions. If you want to take admission in this course, you must know at least one high-level programming language. It will take 15 hours to complete the course, and you will have to pay $17.8 for it.

3. Web Development Certification Training (Ratings 4.4)

In this course, you will learn to create websites using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3, jQuery, and Google APIs.You can deploy it to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and use the skills to develop websites on various platforms. The course includes complimentary pre-recorded modules of JavaScript Essentials and other bonus information. And after completing this course, you will earn a Web Developer certificate.

Through this course, the students will learn the significant concepts of web development and will be able to deploy their first website on Amazon Simple Storage Service. Web development is a significant part of the internet. Companies and big businesses are coming up online, and E-commerce is an inspiring business model. With that, the demand for skilled web developers has risen. So, if you want to become a web developer, this course will surely help you. The price of the course is $ 311, and it might be a little overpriced, but the knowledge it provides is priceless.

4. PSAT Prep Courses Testmasters (Ratings 4.4)

Testmasters believes in helping students who are interested in preparing for PSAT and want to get higher scores. There are individual lessons planned for writing, reading, and mathematics. They are aware of the challenges students face when preparing and writing for such a tough exam. You will learn through the past papers that feature analyzed question papers and exam formats from previous years. There is a team of expert teachers to guide you in preparing lessons. You can master your verbal, mathematics, and writing skills all at once. There is a complete study material that contains practice questions for PSAT. Most of the time, you will notice that SAT and PSAT courses are combined, and this is because all the topics between both the tests are similar.

The Testmasters course is based on all the topics that are covered on the PSAT and the SAT. It features three Full-length Official College Board SAT Practice Exams. There is a Computerized Feedback, and you will be getting 1200 pages of course materials. The verbal topics included in the course are critical reading, sentence completion, and oral workshop. The course also covers subjects like geometry, word problems, and advanced math workshop. You will also be able to polish your writing skills by learning essay writing and grammar and usage review. If you fail to clear the exam by any chance, you can sit for the review course or retake the course for the upcoming exam.

5. JavaScript and JQuery Essentials Training and Certification (Ratings 4.0)

This course is formulated to give you knowledge about the concepts of JavaScript and explain the fundamentals of front-end development. You will be able to get an overview of the syntax. Learn the various aspects of programming using JavaScript and its Library, JQuery. This course is an online self-learning course that is designed for self-directed training. It allows the participants to learn at their convenience.

The students will have structured training and will be able to review exercises that will reinforce learning. The course will teach you through videos, PPTs, and complete assignments, projects will be provided to you.  There are many other activities designed that will help to enhance your learning outcomes. The beginners will be able to learn the importance of objects and error handling methods.  By the end of the course, you will be able to boost your programming skills. You can do the complete course at just $ 159, which is relatively cheaper than the market price.

How can the best PSAT prep courses and classes help you in career development?

If you are interested in taking a PSAT course, it will be beneficial for your career path. A High PSAT Score will ensure that you achieve a national merit scholarship. Your PSAT scores will be compared to determine which test-takers will become semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. You have to be good enough to compete with students in your state, and only then you will get recognition as a winner. You will get a high payment monetary award of $2,500.It will help you get into any top University no matter where you live. The career options will become wide as nowadays almost all companies are hunting for candidates that have reached a high score in the PSAT exam. Many corporate firms and multi-national companies will hire you for suitable positions, and you can gain a lot from it.

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