5 Best SSAT Prep Classes & Courses


The SSAT is a standard test used by the admission officers to evaluate the capabilities of students that are looking to enroll in an independent school or a University. The SSAT will help analyze the basic verbal, math, and reading skills of the students who enroll in educational institutions. So, here we are going to highlight the best SSAT prep courses that might be valuable for developing your skills. 

1. Machine Learning (Ratings 4.9)

Machine learning helps students to learn human-level AI. It will help them to learn effective machine learning techniques along with practicing machine learning and technologies. Also, they will learn about the theoretical underpinnings.

The course helps you to gain practical knowledge about powerfully applying the techniques of machine learning. The instructors will teach you Silicon Valley’s best practices in innovation, and you will master machine learning and AI.

The topics in this course include: (i) Supervised learning algorithms, learn about vector machines, kernels, neural networks. (ii) Clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, and deep learning. (iii) The review of practices in machine learning. The course is drawn to numerous case studies. The students will learn how to apply learning algorithms and will learn to build smart robots.

2. SSAT Test Prep Class Kaplan (Ratings 4.6)

The SSAT Test Prep class Kaplan is one of the best platforms, to begin with, your SSAT preparations. Kaplan provides you access, which will help you learn about SSAT from the very beginning. The course has an advanced level of knowledge. The instructors have studied education and linguistics on their own. They also know well how to train students for the basic concepts of the SSAT test. In this course, you will be learning the two modes of SSAT prep with Kaplan; one is self-paced, and the other one is tutoring. The self-paced program will help you prepare for SSAT anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

There are on-demand lessons with the Tutoring program, where you’ll get 1-on-1 help from a personal tutor. The course will develop a great platform to start with the SSAT preparation and testing exam. You will have to pay $18.99 for this course. You will be required to choose the type of training program that best suits your needs. Students can get on-demand 24/7 access to complete SSAT & ISEE prep course.

3. Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences – Unit 2: Belief Systems (Ratings 4.6)

Sound Beliefs: Causes and Consequences will allow you to explore several facets of these relatively unexplored and essential aspects of human thought and behavior. The course offers 70 to 80 minutes of lectures. It is divided into three segments. The students will get recorded lessons that are offered by Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. The videos that the course provides include slides and some embedded video clips. The course also includes a reading assignment. You can get this course without paying anything.

The course will highlight the belief that the vast majority of people worldwide believe to be true. It will define a “soul.” The question of the students that whether the soul exists might not be answered by science, but this course will help to find out the answer. The students will study the causes and consequences of beliefs. It will also clear the understanding of the soul of surviving the death of the body.

4. Managing Disruptive Change (Ratings 4.3)

With this course, you will get ready to face all disruptive trends in the industry. You will be ahead of the wave and never get buried underneath. Disruption can become the greatest threat and the most significant opportunity for any business. After completing this course, you will get all the necessary strategies for handling business. If you own a business, you will be able to manage this potential risk and leverage it to grow your business further.

There is a particular emphasis on the use of real-life case studies. The tutorials will ensure practical relevance, and you can prepare for actual situations. This course prepares you for handling a position at the interface of technology and management. If you want to go beyond the operational scope, you can take a more strategic perspective. The course is a part of Managing Technology & Innovation. You will understand how to deal with disruptive change. The MicroMasters program is designed to teach the critical skills needed to be successful in this exciting field. It will take you 6-8 hours a week, and you have to pay $199 for it.

5. Business Intelligence Master’s Program (Ratings 4.2)

The Business Intelligence Master’s Program helps students to become proficient in tools and systems that are used by Business Intelligence Professionals. The course will provide you with in-depth training on Data Warehousing and BI, Teradata, Informatica, Microsoft BI, and Tableau. The course curriculum is extensive, and the instructors have determined that at the end of the course, the students will get knowledge about 5000+ job descriptions across the globe.

The Master’s Program is an organized learning path that is recommended by the leading industry experts. The course will ensure that you learn to become a complete Business Intelligence professional.

There are no prerequisites for enrollment into this course. Whether you are planning to enter the world of Business Intelligence, the course is designed and developed to accommodate various professional backgrounds. It is available at $ 934, and you will get 200 plus hours of learning.

How will the SSAT test Prep courses help you in your career development?

After completing the SSAT courses, you can work as a business development manager or an Innovation Manager. You can also work as a professional in any multi-national company. Your career will reach new heights as you can enter into IT Management, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing Consulting, and Project Coordination.

Many of the top American and Canadian schools usually analyze the scores on the SSAT. They will also take an admission aptitude test, and this course is recognized in 76 countries.

The admission officers use the SSAT as a standard method for evaluating the abilities of all students. It doesn’t matter if you have any background or experience or not.

The SSAT will analyze the ability of students in basic math, verbal, and reading comprehension. It evaluates the ability of students to think so you can solve problems systematically. The SSAT will not measure creativity, artistic or athletic talent, or motivation.

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