4 Best TEFL Prep Courses Online for Beginners


If you want to teach English somewhere abroad, then taking TEFL courses can help you a lot. These courses can help you to get a TEFL certificate that would help you to get a job as an English teacher. The TEFL certificate can be ideal and can add value and credibility to your job application. These five courses are the best TEFL preparation courses and can help you if you are interested in getting a TEFL certificate.

1. TEFL Essentials: 50 Low/No-Prep Games for the TEFL Classroom (Ratings 4.7)

The course helps you to learn English entertainingly. Different games and quizzes are organized to help you learn different words and sentences of the English language. The games and activates are used to give you more knowledge about the English language. You will learn English and basic strategies for becoming a teacher. Videos are designed with comprehensive details on 1000 plus vocabulary and 100 plus nouns and verbs. Fitting the prepositions and good English structure forming capability can be enhanced.

The games have a clear English language focus, and you can communicate in English while you play the game with the others who are taking the course with you. The course is not time-consuming and will take a few minutes of your day to get you skilled in the English language. The course is perfect for English language learners who are at the beginner and intermediate levels. Adapting the games and activities is easy, and you can learn English in a fun environment. If you are interested in taking this course, then you need to have an internet connection.

2. Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL (Ratings 4.4)

This is a complete English course that can help you to get TEFL certification. The course is perfect for people who want to start their career as a professional English teacher. The course consists of various video lessons and also includes different real-life examples. You will be tested with multiple tests and quizzes to track your progress. This is a comprehensive English language course that includes grammar and tense learning to make you proficient in the English language. If you plan to teach English in different countries of the world, this course will be perfect for you.

Difficult comprehensions are planned and you will solve around 150 in the entire course. When you will be at the end of this course, you will have all the skills and knowledge required to plan lessons and teach students in a real class. It will be suitable for people who are looking for a career as an English teacher. Master the knowledge and skill of the English language. Learn how to engage students during a lecture. In the end, you can find well paid English language jobs. Twenty classroom games are planned to teach the children and others about the basics of English

3. TEFL Essentials: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (ratings 4.3)

TEFL essentials are a perfect course if you want to have a good score in CELTA. It is also an excellent pick if you are planning to have a suitable job abroad. You can learn past and current TEFL teaching methodologies. Get to know how to teach different types of students and experiences if you want to become a teacher. Be ready to organize and manage an English class effectively. You can equip with the knowledge needed to understand English language learners better. You will learn how and when to correct errors in speech and writing and know how to assess students

The best thing is that students will get a video lecture along with theoretical knowledge. Foreign language speakers are fond of learning English as it is an international language. If you are interested in refreshing your grammar and polishing your English skills, this course will be beneficial. Sometimes the teachers who are already teaching English want to refresh their skills and give better English classes. In this situation, we recommend that you take this course. Even if you are planning to volunteer as an English teacher, don’t forget to give this course a chance.

4. Creative TEFL: 20 Easy-to-Play Classroom Games (ratings 4.2)

THE creative TEFL course is designed most innovatively. You have 20 games to play through, which you can use or understand the skills required for teaching your students efficiently. You can learn the past and present teaching methodologies of TEFL. If you want to become a teacher, you will know how to give lessons. You can get basic knowledge and skills to access students. Get yourself equipped with excellent English and grammar. Correct the errors in your speech as well as writing

If you are a new teacher or planning to start a career as the one, you can gain a lot from this course. Even if you have a lot of experience in this field, taking this course and playing these games will enhance and spice up your creativity. You will need a whiteboard, markers, flashlights, and other essential toys for taking part in this creative TEFL class. The games can work well in any situation and will prepare the teachers for assessing students’ capability. This course will help the students learn in an exciting and innovative manner. You can review a large portion of the English language in an entertaining way. The games are designed to analyze if the students have learned something or not.

How can TEFL courses and certifications help in your career development?

If you are planning you pursue a teaching career internationally, you can make the most of the TEFL course. It will widen your job opportunities, and you can get a job even in intense competition. You can get a teaching job in a private school, college, or University and the pay scale will be quite useful. Many people living abroad want to learn English, and if you hold professional-level TEFL certifications, you can meet the standards of any institution abroad.

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